A founding space of the familily of developer portals, provides a suite of APIs to help you build the future of communications.

We empower telecom developers to build the future of communications. By utilizing our telecommunications data APIs we can provide you and your developers valuable insights, enhanced functionality, and empower your businesses to create innovative applications in the telecommunications industry.

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Crucial to all telecom operations, data is the lifeblood of the industry. Where a a number is, who it belongs to. What services are available. We nmust know these things for proper routing and proper handling of calls.


Telecom is about communicating. Central to that is the ability to talk between your customers. We provide the ability to connect your customers to each other.


Allow your customer to have SMS and MMS messaging that scales. Use our new AI chatbots to help their customers with problems. Build core functionaliy products that can be used by your customers to build their own solutions for this modern world.

Frequently asked questions, Really?
Yes really. We get this one a lot. '.dev' is the domain extension owned by google aimed at developers and developement. You can get them at They are fully qualified and work exactly like any other domain name.
Why the secrecy?
Well in this day and age secrecy is very needed. It's hard for a small group of dedicated people to build a competitive service these days. Too many very large companies will snag the good ideas!
What areas are you working on?
We can't really say. But :-) here are some of our registered domains:,,,,,,,,,,, That help?
When will everything by finished?
Never! We will start releasing blocks and APIs during the summer of 2023. We hope to have all major segments out by the 4th quarter 2023. But we will never be FINISHED!
Are you hiring?
Yes we are! If you are the best. Really the best, please contact us!